My name is Tariq and for much of my life I lived in depression, jealousy, and fear of the future. It all changed when I realized how much I was taking my life for granted. I stumbled across a much simpler way to live, and now I honestly couldn't ask for a better life.

I'm excited to be part of this community and can't wait to interact with you. Why do you think we take our lives for granted?


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  • Hello

    I am really pleased you have found a way to help you with your anxiety :-)

    I think that maybe everyone just takes their life's for granted until something happens like been affected with anxiety and then you realize just how much it means to you when you feel you have had a huge part taken away , human nature I suppose

    Welcome to the Community & Take Care x

  • Would you share with us what,how you were able to change how you felt about life ? There may be "things" you can share ?

  • I was full of ambition and hit rock bottom at an early age, but had no one to turn to. So I tried relying on God (something I tried many times before), but this time, I actually had pure intentions, an open mind, and zero pride. We can't prove who are what God is, or even which religion is right, but I took a general version of God (who ever he was) as my personal counselor and things began to look up from there.

    To answer your question, the "thing" that helped me most was simply changing my perspective. I now live in order to ponder on life. I ponder on every aspect of my life, every hour of every day. I ponder on my purpose, on my blessings, on my struggles, and most importantly, on the fact that everything in the world exists for the purpose of my existence/enjoyment (I'm actually considering starting my own blog).

    Before I lived to ponder, I felt like nothing but a drop in the ocean of the world.

    Now it's as if the world is a drop in my ocean :)

  • I like the idea of you having a Blog. You seem very sincere and maybe you have some life experiences that you can share with lots of folk.

  • I will keep you posted :)

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