Anxiety Support

Panic attacks and Meditaion

I started having panic attacks back in 1982 and the word panic attacks was never heard of and I had them ssso bad I couldn't be around people. I thought I was about to have a heart attack. Looking back I was always tense always worrying about something . Living with constant fear is a terrible thing and will affect your physical health and that's usually around the stomach area like ulcers cramps. I swear that's why my gullet closed up completely. Anyway

Please try and do some meditation just 10 to 20 minutes a day best first thing in morning but afternoon is fine. There are a few ways of doing Meditation so look it up on the web.

All about learning to relax and don't be tough on yourselves. Stop worrying about things just be. Stick to meditating and you will find these silly panic attacks are not so bad and breathe.

LEARN TO RELAX THAT IS THE KEY. Bye for now folks hope this helps it has helped me and I was mess believe.


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