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Life threatening asthma attack last sunday

I have smoked for over 40 years but after attack last sunday I have quit smoking and never will again smoke.

I felt I was drowning in my own fluids Doc told me another 5 minutes late and I would of been a goner. So I have made a life style choice never to smoke again. I even carry a mask just encase I end up in a smoking environment. I as or still am a bit traumatized from it. Hard to believe your lungs can just stop taking in air but believe me they can. I felt my eyes bulging out my head felt like it was ready to explode. The ambulance man was trying to put masks on my face but I was in such a panic to get air inside me I was pulling them off. I think I then started drifting off through lack of air. I always had a fear of drowning or choking because of past being winded and chocked as a child ,it was a nightmare come true.

So all you smokers out there really think about what can happen it is not a pleasant feeling fighting to breathe and I feel so much better in myself. Fags are a poison there is no doubt about it.

Bye for now. Dodo.

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Sorry to hear about your asthma attack and well done stopping smoking :-)

I think some of us may smoke on here as we are more about dealing with anxiety hence the site being anxiety support but there are so many Communities on Health Unlocked that focus on one particular thing and there is one that is for stopping smoking so I have put you the link on where you could share your post on there and talk to others that have stopped or wish to stop smoking you may find it useful

Take Care x


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