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Help is close by! Have Faith!

Help is close by! Have Faith!

Hi I'm Debs! I've suffered from depression on and off for years! I have many physical ailments that I seem to be able to deal with! I've been thru panic attacks and that overwhelming feeling of desperation! It's been much worse since the loss of my beloved son Jesse! I've been on here reading and trying to help anyone I can! Just believe in yourself! At that moment wen you are in that space where you don't want to be the feeling of hopelessness, helplessness, and that Dark side no one understands till you've been there! This is an unbelievable forum! I'm on the Hughes Syndrome forum and it's how I foun this one! I'm 62 years old, but a kid at heart and don't wana grow up!!! Lol... It's nice to have a place to go to where you can tell ur true feeling , hopefully without being judged! We judge ourselves enough without anyone else doing it for us! Just please hang in there! Help is only a phone call or a writing away!!! If I can help someone, anyone, then life is so worth it! Hugs and Prayers from the USA!!!

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Hello there. You have a kind heart and it shows both through your words and lovely face ☺

This indeed is a terrifically supportive place. We do all manner of things here from lauging, crying, twitching and ... palpitating ☺

Importantly, we not only share our knowledge and personal experiences, but we also open our hearts and arms to those who suffer from mental anguish, day in and day out. The good folks on here sincerely do very much "get it" in a way that others can't /don't ... including members of the medical profession -> 😨

Best wishes! 🌞


Awe thx so much! I'm happy to be Abel to share, help, and discuss with anyone, anytime who needs or want to share! Like I said The Good Lord wants me here for some reason! For me to help one person is worth everything!!! GODSPEED TO ALL WHO SUFFER DAY TO DAY PAIN THRU ANXIETY!!!

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