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I'm trying to function but it doesn't get me anywhere 😥 A friend stopped by with his baby. I held the baby less than 5 minutes but I got dizzy now I'm crying in bed. I want to be able to do normal things. I managed church today and there's about a thousand people there. After that visited my poor Daddy at the hospital. But I'm worn out now. I start work again Wednesday just hoping I can do it. I don't ever feel ok but I try! Trying doesn't get me very far😥. For some reason didn't sleep well last night. Even with meds had palpitations and nightmares! I guess all I can do is try!

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Hi Chubbers,

I have a feeling it will be GOOD for you to get back to work, you know??? Just concentrate on what you are doing...and don't do 'scans of yourself' to 'see how I am doing' ..ok?? OK!!

I know you are trying... but maybe you should/could practice some affirmations and keep repeating them to yourself...such as "I'm doing ok"..." All is well and I'm going to make it" ... "These feelings/thoughts will pass" ... "I am proud of all the progress I make even if its just a few little steps" ....

Try it... K??? It beats the heck out of thinking "God, I still feel terrible" "When will this leave"...etc etc... and when you do have those thoughts, just think..."OK...let it pass... Thar she blows!"...

Good luck, Chubbers!


Thanks Betty! Encouragement and reassurance I love it!!!! I love you! You are a wonderful person! I do 'scans' of myself yes but a lot of times things pop up out of the blue and scare me terribly! I will do the best I can though! Thanks again. Love and hugs xoxo 💛 I am worried about when the dizzy spells or palpitations come on while at work and what if there's nowhere to sit down or they notice I'm not feeling well?


I spent the last week shut in my own house due to depression and anxiety. I recently started zoloft and in some ways it's made things worse. At times I feel super spaced out on top of the anxiety and depression. But despite that today I went to church and returned to work and while it has been hard and scary at times, I fully believe it has been good for me as well. I try to accept the thoughts and feelings that I have but don't let them control me and so far it has helped alot. You can do this you really can!


Thank you I hope so! I get very easily overwhelmed. I don't mean to it just happens. And it's the sudden sick or anxiety feelings I'm so afraid of happening while at work.


I totally understand that! My anxiety gets triggered all the time for almost no reason it seems! (Except driving that triggers it alot) I have found that by doing a few things you can keep yourself in control through most anything! First, accept and come to terms with what you have going on. The more you fear it and dwell on it and want it to be gone, the worse it can get. Accept that it is there and don't give in the temptation to sit and think about it all the time and it won't control you! Next is to realise while the thoughts may be in your head, they are really NOT your true thoughts. You would never sit and intentionally torment your self with negativity and such. It's your brain releasing stress hormones for some reason and when it can't see something physical to fear, it jumps to internal things and gets you thinking that something is wrong with you which is not true. And last thing being sometimes you just have to let the deppression or anxiety come. It can sometimes get to a point that fighting it can make it worse and last longer. Those are some things that have helped me alot and I hope they can help you as well. Sorry for the long reply :)


I'm sure work is going to be great! I find by setting small goals for yourself and really fighting to follow thru with them helps! Take baby steps! You will b happy again! Working , walking, and drinking lots of water always helped me! Walking tuk me away from all of it! My only thought was making that next block , then that next half a mile! Sometime I have these fights with myself! Like wen I decide to have a pity party for myself! Then I get angry at myself for doing that! Sometimes we r hard on ourselves! Take it easy on yourself , your trying to do the best you can! That's half the battle!!!

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