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Fluttering chest


I'm just wondering if anyone else gets a fluttering feeling in their chest... It doesn't hurt but it feels really weird. It also doesn't happen all the time, but rather it comes and goes. Anyone else get this?

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Hi yeah I get it after a panic attack or a bout of anxiety. I had it for a month at one stage. Don't worry about it!

austinluck21 in reply to Foxy36

Where it feels almost like you have phlegm in your chest, but when you cough nothing comes up?

Foxy36 in reply to austinluck21

Yeah I thought it was heart palpitations but it was more centred and the flutters got deeper and finally went away!! I get it all the time! It's due to stress. It's a horrible feeling but I don't get worked up about it now. When I get anxiety now it just stays a day or two and then stops!! Just try to ignore it!

austinluck21 in reply to Foxy36

OK, thank you!

Agora1 in reply to austinluck21

Good description of what it's like.

I also have the same fluttering...daily.... a lot with anxiety.... I used to worry especially at night because I could hear it.....I would feel a,skipping going on along with it..have had it 30+ years now


Yes I do get that and have for years, it happens more if I concentrate on it, reminds me of when you see a baby cry and they make that little fluttering when they stop crying. So yes I get it and I don't like it it makes you think your heart is going to stop. But I have been dealing with this for 30 years and I'm still alive. I have had the Dr check it out their called pvc's try to relax maybe try walking a little each day until you get where you can walk a few miles a day. build your self up and try to keep active, it will get better. And just like I thought you probably thing it will never get better but I promise you it will, your not going to die. :)

I do unsure why but sometimes won't get it for ages then a few times a day at other times. Not feeling particularly anxious when it happens so don't feel that the cause but like you it's not painful just a weird sensation x

Hi, I have just literally wrote a post on this.. I presumed it was palpitations.. I only get it at night when I'm not doing anything and then my chest goes really tight.. Feels like it's right in the centre of my chest and it feels like deep beating

If still anxious, mention it to your GP, and he/she may decide to get a 24-hour or 7-day heart monitor. Maybe your heart rate is fine and the rhythm just need checked for any abnormalities. With more understanding and/or a change of lifestyle (more regular activities, regular sleep, etc.) may help to reduce any anxiety that may be contributing to the condition.

I feel sure it's just anxiety, I have the same for years ,,fluttering and what seems like missed hearts beats. I try not to dwell on it and I find it goes away , hope this helps

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