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18 and going crazy

Okay so idk if this even makes sense but I always feel like there's something wrong with me. I have headaches that never really go away, but that's about it. I keep feeling like something is wrong and my mom keeps telling me that I'm fine and there's nothing wrong. They think I'm crazy and I make excuses up to take pills. I take Morton or Advil for the pain my headaches give me. Now my family thinks I'm a drug addict. I'm not. Am I crazy? Is this what anxiety feels like??

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You should go for a medical checkup for migraine, or it could be due to some kind of stress. What other symptoms you have?


I'm not really stressed about anything. I thought it could be a migraine because my mom and grandmas have had really bad headaches too. Are headaches hereditary?


Yes, headaches can be hereditary.


Hi. Having daily headaches that never really go away could be "tension headaches. But you should have a doctor check it out. Taking Motrin/Advil for the pain doesn't make you an addict but can cause "rebound" headaches. You are not crazy. You just need to have a doctor diagnosis the headaches you are getting. I think you family will let up on you once it is confirmed. If it's due to stress there will be other ways to control the pain, a prophylactic medication rather than pain pills. Good Luck...

P.S. Anxiety can cause headaches but is not the only symptom.


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