School Is A Trigger of Mine

School Is A Trigger of Mine

Hello! =) I am a really kind person at heart. I have just been having crazy anxiety since I was... in 7th grade. 7 is supposed to be my lucky number! Although, I guess it still can be. Anyway, yeah, for some reason I have been struggling to make friends, but I guess I have never really had a BEST friend that I periodically invited to sleepovers at my parents' house when I was younger. And quite frankly today I do not enjoy sleepovers. At all, really. I've been to a couple of my friends' homes and slept over. Make that 3. A, K, and L.

Those are the first letters in each of their first names. A-----, K----, and L--- or L---- (her real name, which she did not like to be called. Lol. You guys cannot even see it. But I just had to put it down.)

Yeah. Those are the only friends' houses I have slept over in. 2 of those friends (A and K) spent the night at my parents' house at the same time for my birthday. Plus, I had a different A-named friend sleep over as well. A-----.

Anyhoo, I don't have much to say right now. So, expect to see some random ranting going on when the feel sparks and my heart, mind, and/or soul have gone up in flames for the billionth time.

Oh, and back to my topic seeing as how I am really a terrible writer. I was going to end this post, but I need to tell you that I experienced my first ever real life crush in 7th grade and having Algebra with him every day of school sucked because my anxiety always sky rocketted. And the way I felt in school was so bad. I want to let it all go, though, because all of it is in the past this very second and I have to allow myself to change. To keep developing. Into a well-rounded human being. For what does not change is dead. I want to breathe life again! I want to experience what living feels like again!

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