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So I'm similar, with no results

Hi, 38 male. Pretty active, 215lbs.

For the past two weeks straight, and on /off before that, I have had light headed spells. They come and go. When they are present I have pressure in my head and ears, and a warm tingling in my neck and hands. Over the past four days I've had CT scan (negative), wore a Holter Monitor for 24 hours (Fine), did a carotid artery ultrasound (Negative) and saw a neurologist. Neurologist said I was perfect and thought that when I was lightheaded it was due to blood vessels to the brain constricting. He gave me a breathing technique to use. So two hours after his visit I had three episodes. The breathing didn't work for any of them.

People say not to think about it, but I can't stop. It's automatic. I have no answers, three babies, and am scared!


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Out of curiosity what breathing exercise did the neurologist give you to try?


Sounds like panic attacks. Look up a book called Dare response. I have been suffering like you for a year and finally since applying the techniques from the book I am getting better and almost able to control the episodes even though like you I thought it was automatic and uncontrollable but it is. Exercise is very beneficial too. You could always try medication as well. You are at the beginning of all this and it's always the worst at the start until you finally realize it's anxiety and not some medical condition once you can accept this things will get better.

I wish you luck I've been where you are know you are not alone :))


I see that you have had a complete neurological work up and are clear. I understand your continued fear especially having a family to care for. Has there been any tests done on the discs of your neck? The reason I ask is because I have bulging discs in my neck which cause me lightheaded feelings, numbness and tingling back of neck as well as my hands. If I move my head a certain way, I will get lightheaded. I sometimes believe I don't have anxiety but a neck problem. The nerves put pressure which can cause the fullness feeling in the head and ears. I hear you, I get that as well.

I hope you find some more answers so that you can relax and not worry. It sounds like you have your hands full with 3 babies to provide for. Good Luck....


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