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Anxiety on a morning


Does anyone feel crap on a morning,I've just woke and got out of bed,gone for my morning fag,I feel shaky,feels like I'm going to have a fit x

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I get that sometimes have your fag sit and take a few deep breaths x

I always have that at night, after midnight. The mornings are good to me

I like u get up kettle on and fag and i am worse but i think thats cos we have another day of anxiety not knowing how we will be x


Yes. My anxiety is always worse in the morning. I can't eat until about 10.30am ( I get up at 7am). By evening I often feel quite calm, but then wake up and it starts all over again like Groundhog Day. apparently it's quite common for it to be worse in the morning. I try to just push through it , doing all the things a "normal" person would do ( apart from eating... )

Agora1 in reply to Hidden

I always think too bad the doctors, dentists etc aren't there at night.

Yeah I feel fine on an evening,mornings are awful,for the 1st hour it's really bad,probably because I wake up and think about my anxiety x

Agora1 in reply to warkie

ME TOO....

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