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So for the past year I have been suffering . I have from within 30 minutes of waking up until I go to sleep a constant light headed dizzy feeling it's like I feel spacey at all times .it also tends to blur my vision and cause me severe anxiety my eyes also have problems with quick motion like moving cars or things happening in movies and seem to be somewhat sensitive to light I have had several doc visits and was original told it was vertigo and was put on meclizine that did nothing . Then I was told it's just anxiety and was put on med after med to no result I went the therapy route which also didn't help I can't help but feel like there is an underlining cause outside of just anxiety because I have always had anxiety and never made me feel like this much less every single day for over a year when this is at its peak I can't function to do the simplest tasks idk what to do anymore if anyone has any ideas please let me know thanks ! Ps I ah e also had MRI and ct scan done both came back negative outside some old lingering unrelated sports injuries

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You sound just like me. I've been suffering for 7 months now and it's horrible.everyday I deal with it and it's such an horrible feeling.. When will it end?!?! I need ideas and advice also.. You are not alone..


Ya it's the worst and seems to be no answer in sight


I am the same had blurred vision 6/7 weeks always feel drunk had 2 ct svans yesterday all ok they think get over viral afyet viral infectons i feel fuzzy all day then anxiety kicks in


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