If the doctor say your 9w2d are u really that or they add weeks?

LMP was Nov 19th....next period due Dec 17 with a 28day cycle.......sex unprotected Nov.26th....with bf & with random guy only ONCE Dec.20th with condom but it fell off inside me. Now I'm 9w2d got ultrasound yesterday I was9w1d

So I missed my period for the 17th & didn't get with random guy till 20th dec.

So the dad will be my bf right?

I don't think it can be the other guy because my AF was due on 17th & still didn't come on 20th so will it be possible to get pregnant by the "other guy" even if he came inside me?


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2 Replies

  • I doubt it's the random... you were already late

  • Did they do a sonogram? When they do that the measurements of the baby will tell the actual weeks

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