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Changes with Anxiety & New Job

So after having Twins & a long year and half off work and getting hit with Anxiety and depression i started to get to a better place i even started taking my medication and workig again. Lately the job has been stressful and my ANXIETY seems like its getting worse again two ER visits in the past week and im unsure if i should just quit the job and try to up my medication because i cant go back to terrible Anxiety. My thoughts are bad again and i would just like to hear some thoughts and words of encouragement THANK YOU MUCH

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It does get better and remember your health is more important than anything. I missed so much work when I was working in childcare in December that I felt like I was going to lose it. Maybe even find a job that's less stressful or less hours to help you get by or lessen the hours where you are currently? Also everyone hates hearing this and I know first hand how hard it can be when your already dizzy or shaky or nauseous or whatever but excetsize really really helps

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yes your right maybe i should just consider something else, does exercise help you any?


ive just started getting back into it again. After countless trips to the doctor and pshyciatrist .. they tell me if im not going to take meds to exersize every day so im trying but its hard to get motivated. I can honestly say though, when I broke up with my ex over a year ago I became extremely avid in yoga, core class, swimming and mountain biking and I never had anxiety at all during that period of my life. Now its the worst its ever been.. even caused me to lose my previous job. ugh. hope you find something that works for you soon!!


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