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Hi everyone , at the end of December I started to have anxiety attacks/panic attacks. Doctors can't really find what's wrong with me. They prescribed me Xenex, and it helped a little but after reading all the crazy side effects I stopped taking it. My girlfriends mom recommended me Batch Rescue Remedy. I have been using for 5 days no. For the first time, I'd just had an anxiety attack today. I took some of the remedy and it helped me out but how many times do you recommend me to use until this goes away. I know it doesn't have side effects but I can't live forever taking this stuff. Would you say, it takes some time. Or after awhile does it really go away.

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Hi. What you are using is often sold as a 'natural stress reliever'. Like many of that type of product there is little scientific evidence for its efficacy. That does not mean there is no benefit at all. Some people will swear it works for them, much like St.John's Wort.

I think that the 'medical' medications are often overused so I understand your reluctance to use them. But there are times when they are necessary - and not all people get all, or even any, of the side effects. You could try it and if you feel its not for you then you can stop.

Unless you are having just a temporary bout of anxiety brought on by a sudden incident, this condition does not just go away. Anxiety disorder is a psychological disorder which has a cause. That cause needs to be found and dealt with.

As I say, this might be a temporary reaction to a particular incident you are experiencing at the moment - so it might go away when that is resolved. But it might be something more than that, taking a much longer time to get over. See how things go in the next few days and weeks, and if no improvement maybe best to see your doctor again.


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Hi Robb, sometimes we need the help of a drug to get us over a rough patch. Xanax

is one of the benzos that works fast and very well EXCEPT that if taken for a long time can be addicting making you dependent on higher doses. I'm glad that you got 5 days relief from Batch Rescue Remedy. Unfortunately, unless you find out, through therapy, what is causing your panic attacks, you can be on medication forever. Meds are good for a short time but otherwise it just has a band aid effect. Since you just started having anxiety attacks last month, it might not be hard for you to talk with a therapist about what might have happened prior to that making your anxiety level higher.

I wish you good luck in finding some relief.

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