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At times I feel my heart flutter or it'll just beat once like a thud at least once a day and it really scares me, I feel like it might miss a beat and stop. So everyday I worry when am I gonna feel that loud thud or flutter and it makes me anxious especially while driving... just wondering could this be anxiety related? I've had the symptoms they come and go. It's gotten a lot better. October and Nov was really bad as far as anxiety. I worry a lot and stress over everything. I think back and realized I noticed these symptoms when I was in a 7 year abusive relationship. Since I've gotten out 2 yrs ago the symptoms has worsen, loss of a job, was being threatened, taking care of my three kids 13, 1, and 7, in which my 7 yr old is 100% disable so it's all on me. 2015 Was Challenging I Felt ALL Of The Anxiety SYPMTOMS... Sorry for the long post. I also had dreams of him tryin to kill me I use to think I felt like this because I was traumatized... also feel the skip beat after lifting my daughter

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Hello. I am sorry that you have had such an awful time. But at least you are out of that relationship now. I am sure you know that anxiety can be responsible for many different symptoms and feelings of being ill in some way. But of course it would be unwise just to assume this is always the case. As far as your heart missing a beat is concerned, there are several possible reasons - anxiety as mentioned, arrhythmias, palpitations and so on. If this really is causing you concern then it might be a good idea if you speak with your doctor if you have not already done so. There are tests that can rule out the physical illness possibilities.

It is very possible that your experiences are responsible in the sense that you have developed anxiety disorder. But always better to rule out the physical possibilities first. I hope you will be able to get the treatment you need soon.



Karl, you always give wonderful, kind and reassuring advice. Great we have you on here. Thank you.


That is a very kind thing to say and I thank you for it :-)

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I agree with the 1st post. To add to that, you sound like you have stress and anxiety from the abusive years, often called PTSD. It may not be officially PTSD, but I believe your dreams of that time and the stress you're having are related to that time at least part of the time. Certainly you continue to have plenty of stress in the present, also.

Stress is the culprit underlying many health problems and I believe yours are no different. Your heart fluttering or missing a beat can be due to stress or anxiety. You should be checked by a Dr. of course.

You need to be in counseling very badly. It's not an option, you must do it or continue to get worse in my humble opinion. I know it may not be easy to get there or pay for it, but there are ways to get around those problems and you need to start asking around about a good counselor and how to get the cost down. Otherwise I can almost promise you that you will get sicker until you aren't functioning at've been through hell and must begin the process of healing. Search within yourself and see if you find that this is true or not.

I wish you all the best and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Please take care of yourself.

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