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Want help with anxiety and depression


I recently decided to finally tackle problems that I have been avoiding dealing with for most of my life because I feel I'm ready to make positive changes for the future.

I spoke to my doctor about how I have depression and would like to talk to someone about that.

She told me to contact an IAPT service locally and I did- I had a difficult phone call with them- I don't really like talkking about my feelings and I had to have the phone consulation during my lunch break in a cafe.

I think I explained myself slightly wrongly- as the girl I spoke to decided I was too depressed and that they wouldn't help me... I seems mad that they decided that my illness is so bad they are leaving me to my own devices... I'm really dissapointed about this- horribly so infact.

On a slight plus note they have sent a note asking my doctir to refer me for eating disorder help- But I really wanted to talk to someone and was hoping for councelling.

Has anyone else found themsevles with a similar problem or any advice on finding a cheap or free councelor?


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Hi. Sorry to hear you had such a bad experience with IAPT. Their reaction to you seesm to me to be positively unprofessional and very insensitive. I am not sure what 'too depressed' means - or even what the criteria is for deciding that. However, the good thing is that you are ready to tackle your problems - this is always the first hurdle that is so difficult for some people to overcome.

From your post it seems like you probably have GAD and or/ocd issues. You also mention an eating disorder, which adds to the case for ocd being part of your illness.

I would have thought that your doctor is the best place to begin your quest for help. They have access to the many services that may be helpful to you and can refer you to the appropriate service. My thinking is that you need to have some kind of diagnosis in order to get the right treatment. You probably need a therapist who specialises in ocd or eating disorders, not to mention having your depression diagnosed and treated as a separate issue. It is probable that all of these have the same root cause, though depression is often physiological in nature rather than psychological. But whatever the situation s, your doctor should be able to set things up for you. I hope you get the help you need soon.


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Hi Karl,

Yeah, OCD is a thing that I have - It's really hard to face up to why I do have all of the control issues I have, but I really feel it's time to.


First of all, I congratulate you on wanting to make changes in your life. I don't think you explained in wrong, it was just the girl kind of brushed you off for what ever reason. I have a daughter with an eating disorder and I only wish you would want help and make changes. I know there are free services listed on the internet that you can call for advice and they would direct you to the right people. Try not to be discouraged, you took the first big step and that's wanting to get better. Good Luck!

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Thanks for your reply- Yeah I'm pretty upset with the attitude of the girl I spoke to.

Getting help for an eating disorder is doubly scary because it's so hard to let go of the controlled eating and seeing bodily changes (getting bigger) will inevitably make me feel very unconfortable.

Terrified but would love help, so thanks for the words of encouragement.


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