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Anyone heard of dissociative seizures?

I apologize for posting so much, I'm having a really hard time lately. I made the mistake of googling dissociation disorder and dp/dr, just looking for ANY relief from them, and I came across a site that explained in depth how these things can cause seizures. And of course I read all of it. And now I'm seriously freaked out because seizures are my biggest fear. I guess intense stress+derealisation which I have both of all of the time can make you have a seizure! I cannot believe this is real, this is the worst thing ever. I'm in therapy trying to get over my fear of seizures and now I know my mental disorder can cause them. Ughhhh I'm never going to be able to stop thinking about this. The next time I get really stressed about something I'm going to think I'm about to have a seizure.

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DP/DR CAN NOT cause seizures! But seizures or epilepsy can cause DP/DR. You have DP/DR as a result of anxiety/stress you would know if you had s seizure.

My phychiatrist and psychologist have both tools me the DP/DR happens when your anxiety is severe however it is not dangerous at all.

Are you on medication?

Please read this article it may help you -

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