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Want to know if anyone feels the same way

Hi people, there's good news before I got tell yous before I tell you how I'm feeling, I was six stone, and now seven stone I'm very proud.

But I'm having symtoms id like to share, what I'm feeling like I get no air because I feel as if mucous is blocking, awful chest pains, and head ach, I'm just wondering is it anything serous?

I've always been afraid of death and I'm not sure why😔I find it also quite hard to swallow, but it's more the breathing😔

Please could someone get back to me.

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Hi. Sorry to hear of your distress. Many people are afraid of death - or to be more accurate many people are afraid of the process of dying, as you will not be aware of any kind of feeling after death. For people like us who have anxiety disorders, it is particularly difficult as death seems to hover constantly. The reality, of course, is that death is not hovering - we are being fooled into this idea by our anxiety.

Similarly with the other symptoms you mention. All of them are common issues with anxiety disorder/ocd/sensorimotor obsession. I have read your page on here and it seems you have had illness for a while now, so I am assuming you have had various health tests done like heart and lung investigations.

From what you say it sounds like you have health anxiety and probably linked with ocd too. That would certainly explain the symptoms you describe. I wonder if you do any breathing exercises when you feel difficulty - it might help you relax and remove at least some of the symptoms. It might also be that you have a problem with your sinuses. I find that steam helps unblock my nose.

Finally, congratulations on your weight gain - you should feel very proud to have achieved that :-)


I don't think I've had an x-Ray on my heart/lungs but I have had bloods done, and also ent, my mum said bloods are most important, so they would find anything threw my bloods? What do you think?


Hi. Yes your mother is correct - the blood will show the true state of your health more accurately. For example - when I has my heart attack the paramedic who did the ECG told me i did not have a heart attack. An hour later in the hospital the doctor told me that my blood showed i did have a heart attack because of the enzymes in the blood. So if you have had your blood examined and they tell you all is ok, then you can pretty much believe that. But of course your anxiety will try to fool you into thinking that they might have missed something. That is the real problem - the anxiety.

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