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Took my first step!

Hii, so this isn't technically a question but to update a bit on my situation, and share a bit of my happiness! So, I haven't left my house in a year to go outside because of my symptoms (except school, but that's also very hard) and right now I'm on my winter break. And I managed to go outside today all by myself and buy food!! I'm really happy and proud !! I know this really seems like nothing, but to me it means the world. It was bad at first when I left, my anxiety hit me and I felt really weak and dizzy, but I proceeded to go because I couldn't give up and I went to the store and afterwards I felt better !

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Excellent my friend :-) You have done very well and you will have inspired others like you who will read of your first victory in the fight back against anxiety. I hope this is the start of a full recovery for you.

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Thank you! I actually went outside AGAIN ! But this time I took a longer walk with my mum and I managed to ignore all the symptoms. You can't imagine how happy I am !!!


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