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Chest discomfort and feeling sick

Hi I'm 19 and a guy about 3 years ago I was sleeping and I felt this weird feeling in my arm my heart started racing and I panicked. i started having panic attacks everyday for like a month or longer after that's it's every symptom imaginable no breaks. The suffering was unbearable. I ended up going to the Er about 4 times in the the first month just to be told nothing was wrong with me and that my heart was fine. Even when I wasn't panicking or anxious at all the symptoms didn't go away!After a while I gave up hope and believed that I was going tonsuffer like this for the rest of my life. After about 6 months I started to ignore my symptoms and most of them went away except for this feeling that something is laying on my chest.

I ended up seeing a psychologist and got on meds at the end of the first year everything started. Now after 3 years Of feeling mostly normal except this feeling of something heavy on my chest I decided to get off the meds. But now I feel like it's starting all over again and I don't know if my heart can take the suffering again I'm so tired and weak I just don't feel right. I just need to know that other people understand me and im not the only one going through this. Sometimes I feel like I'm going through something that can't be just anxiety because I'm not even anxious every time I feel these symptoms.


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