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Problems with my mom

There was a bottle lying around that looked like wine to her and it was my friends beer. He drank 2 last night and she asked what I drank. What I had was equivalent to 2 drinks. She's like omg you need to be careful. You're birth father was an alcoholic. I'm like chill out. I don't have a drinking problem and I never have. I know moderation. Then she's like that's what they all say and they are in denial. She even drinks to fall asleep some nights ! The most drinks I've had in a week is 5... that was only one time. I don't even drink every week. I hardly drank when underage. Then I got mad at her cause she said I will have a problem and my dad called her oit for being critical to me. Then she tells him you're not even a father and she was begging him to tell me I'm in the wrong. She's telling my dad I'm a dry drunk.

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Sorry you have been having some conflict with your Mum

You have said before that things are not great when it comes to your relationship with you Mum and I think the best thing is to know that you know you do not have a problem and try your best to ignore her words , it is just her opinion which she can have but you also can have yours to which is she is wrong so stick with your own opinion :-) x


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