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My other half

My other half

Today I had a discussion with my husband I felt real physical body pains at that moment and said....I am so tired of these pains and way I have to cope with it day by day. My husband said...oh no don't worry its okay" I wanted to snap andsay ...well you do this every day and tell me how I it feels! Instead I looked at him and said..babe I can't expect you to understand something you don't know or feel so I can't make this yours as well but please when I need to vent or complain just pretent you understand. .lol not easy living with someone struggling with anxiety. I still ask myself day after day, how can anxiety cause

All these pains how can it rule my body like this. Fear still lurking around every pain I feel. I read some of the posts on the forum and think wow I complain but I still have a life and a social life. Some people can't even leave there homes or play with their kids. I am still so blessed because I can do all these things. I live in pain 24/7 a day but I am truly still blessed.

God loves us so much u believe this.

I pray for all of you××××××

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