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crazy anxiety

Hey everyone,

I've joined this as I am getting so fed up of life sometimes I get suicidal thoughts. I have had, well I think I have health anxiety and it all started once when I couldn't breathe properly and thought I was going to die.

I am extremely fed up of waking up everyday seeing no point of life and feeling like I am going to die. It puts me off going out and is starting to put me off many activities as I am extremely worried and scared something will happen to my body.

I experience weakness everyday. My mind tends to go blank and funny sometime, it's hard to describe. Everything around me seems weird and fake I also get sharp pain in my arms and sometimes near the chest. I get many symptoms which tend to get worse on trains and buses if I am alone.

I have had ECGs and blood tears and everything has always come back clear, my GP keeps telling me everything is a symptom of anxiety. But, never do I feel normal and I just want to feel like a normal person again. Also feeling like dying everyday is making everything worse. What do you do when all your tests are clear but you feel far from fine?!?!?! I am really fed up to a point where I feel like I can't deal no more.

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Hi...i have similar feelings. Im sorry your going through this it is awful . I have been told that going to talk to therapist helps. Maybe it might help. :)

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Sorry you have similar feelings as I know how awful they are, and I am considering getting a therapist soon. Thank you :)


Hi. I am sorry to read of your distress. Like many people on here you obviously have an anxiety disorder. I fully understand your despair about feeling the hand of death every day, and not being able to stop the terror it brings. And that is what anxiety is - a terrorist. It operates in the dark, insidiously, sneaking up to attack us when we are most vulnerable. But, the good news is that it can be defeated.

You have written that you have various test which show nothing wrong, and that is a good thing of course. For it shows that your problems are emotional/mental in nature. You did not mention whether you take medication or have therapy sessions. If not it might be a good idea to discuss the options with your doctor. One or the other, or a combination of both, might prove useful for you. If you are having suicidal thoughts then it is even more urgent that you see your doctor asap.In the meantime, just remember that you have support and understanding on this site. I wish you well.

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Thanks for your response, and no I do not take any medication or have therapy though I am considering therapy. And it's extremely hard to live life how I want due to all these things I am feeling.


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