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I wonder how do you all stay calm while being out, &/or driving or on the road somewhere ? I'm currently running errands for the holidays & my anxiety is coming in little waves . I'm also PMS'ing which explains everything :/ 😊 for example, before getting to a stop light , my ma put her foot on the brakes wasn't only a little tap so we definitely felt it..I was caught off guard by what she did , so I was anxious & felt tension on both sides of the back of my head..I've been obsessing over it ever since . I'm trying to calm down though . Anyways how do you all calm down & stay that way , while out & about ?


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  • It's so hard to even get to that point of being calm. I just started getting out again to do my shopping and pick up my prescriptions which I always do through the drive up.

    Even that is an anxious period when there is a car in front of me and behind me. I'm trapped. Anxious people don't like feeling trapped, we need to know that we can get out if we have to. I do a lot of deep breathing while in the car. Taking a deep breathe and slowly exhaling helps me feel calmer even if just for moments. When in the grocery store it's harder because the lights, the people, all the food on the shelves overstimulates my brain and the tendency to become anxious is greater. I keep telling myself I can leave at any time but I will not because I want to get this food home and don't want to have to go through this again. Once is enough. I have another problem of not wanting to drive with anyone. I only trust myself and that has become a big problem when keeping doctor's appointments. Another thing that helps is having a piece of gum or mint that I can pop in my mouth because I read somewhere that it distracts the mind. So now I have cavities :) Good Luck with conquering the Anxiety Bully.

  • 💞 thanks for the advice. Same to you. Yeah I hate grocery stores for that reason later. I totally agree with what you said . It's good to find certain distraction, especially when going out places

  • Hi dear. I thought you would appreciate this. Today I had to go for a blood test. The medical building is right next door to my therapist. I do weekly phone sessions because of my agoraphobia and anxiety. Today I decided to drop off a Christmas gift to her office. Knowing that I had both a blood test and planned to drop off the gift made me so anxious. I did it BUT left it behind her door because that's all I could think of was wanting to get home. (and this is my therapist mind you) I did a lot of deep breathing in the car but it wasn't until I came home that I started feeling better. It is truly disgusting to feel like this. :( Hope you are okay. Take care

  • Aw that totally sucks. I'm so glad you got through all of that . & thanks .. Same to you 💞💞

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