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Insomnia Yet Again

Hi everyone,

I recently posted about my sleep issues. Just to recap, I had went to sleep at about 5am three days in a row, all due to working on large projects for high school. I have an anxiety disorder, and this exacerbated my condition very badly. I was having panic attacks every 15 min for three days. It was terrible. After handing in all my projects, I was finally able to get some rest the other night. I went to sleep at 9pm and slept for about 15 hours! I thought it was all over and I was feeling better. However, now it is the next night, and its currently 6:41am, and I haven't slept a wink. I think I maybe dozed off for a half hour, if that. I am now worrying, freaking out, and thinking I will go crazy. I'm afraid I will never be able to sleep again. I have a headache, my whole body is tense, I feel nauseous and exhausted. I am mess. I am afraid that if I don't sleep something bad will happen to me. Do you think I can't sleep because I slept so long the other night that it was enough for 2 nights? Is it OKAY that I did not sleep at all last night considering I slept 15 hours the night before. I feel so scared and anxious now. And this is making it harder to sleep. I have to be up and get ready for school now. I dont know how I will make it through the day. Oh, and I've tried deep breathing, counting backwards from 100 and thinking pleasant thoughts. Nothing seems to work. Looks like it will be another panic filled day. :(

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Forcing yourself to sleep when your mind won't shut off just makes the situations worse, your more tense, the strain gives you a headache and your room and bed become the enemy. After twenty minutes I was told to either get of bed and do something or read a book, listen to music ect to take your mind of tour situation. For me putting on talk radio and listening to the conversation has worked but in the beginning I would listen for a least three hours before I relaxed and drifted off. The time got shorter and shorter.

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