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Why won't this go away

Am getting sick of feeling like s**t all the time I not sleep feel weak all the time pains in my legs and arm all the time being sick every day I keep going to the doctor but they don't really help it feel like I am just gonna round and round all the time my hole body feels numb all the time to hate it as I can't even do the simple things like take my kids to school 😢

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hi there my friend your not on your own there are many on this site that are in the same boat so to speak. its not easy, but i thing i've found that helps is by off loading to someone that know how your feeling, if you feel you need a shoulder to learn on i have two big shoulders take your pick, i'm here if needed, yes i have me own problems but that what we are all here for is to help each other take care i'm here anytime if needed your new friend Alan xx


Hi there, Filmer... I couldn't help but get a bit tickled at the way you expressed yourself "sick of feel like s**t all the time..." because it is EXACTLY what the majority of us say a lot. Just know you are not alone... we DO understand...

Since you do go to the dr it sounds like maybe you are on medication? But it doesn't help, is that it?

I would really suggest that you ask to see a counselor or therapist, OK? It sounds like you just really need to 'let it all out' and then get some kind of sense of direction that would help you. You deserve that. Believe me, dr's and meds aren't always a magical combination BUT very often a therapist will help. Just be up front and honest with him/her... Good luck to you, Filmer...


You are not alone I can barely get through the days sometimes with shaky weak feelings All I want to do is lay down but I can't as I have 2 kids that don't give me much of a break. I too am wondering when this will go away I'm over it!


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