Sick of feeling sick

Hi just joined this group I'm 45 and feel like I'm going nuts I suffer from anxiety and panic been on lexapro for some years now all seem to be going ok now it's back in full bloom in always thinking that there is some kind of disease that I have lately I have such a pressure on my head and of course I'm thinking brain tumor I feel scared and i know my family must be getting tired of hearing me any thoughts please let me know what I can do to get rid of this


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  • Have you seen you gp lately and explained how you are feeling? Maybe they need to take a look at your meds & maybe revaluate your dose or maybe try you on some different meds. I think the same about my family as well, all I do I whinge & the heck our loved ones put up with us is beyond me haha. Are you having a better day today?

  • Thank you for asking today was ok I took a Xanax .025 this morning and the pressure on the head was somewhat lighter than its been my neck has also been so tense feels like I need to have it crack how r you doing ??

  • Yes, your body will feel tense and your fighting my dr's like our body is in a race 24/7. My days are the same at the moment, some parts of the day are ok, others are shitty. My mind doesn't stop...constantly worrying about how I feel :(

  • Hello I have just seen your post and I am feeling so much like you that's why I just needed to comment. I fear like you that have something bad going on as especially with head feelings the pressure weird horrid sensations.I was bad with anxiety and panic our years ago but I did bounce back from it. This time it has come back with a vengeance stronger than ever.It is so nice to be able to come on this site and share our troubles with others as you know you are not the only one going through it all.

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