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Hard to lose weight

Hello all. I am pretty sure some of you have dealt with something similar to what I am about to explain. I never had an issue with my weight until I turned 17. I was on a bunch of different mood stabilizers, one in particular called abilify, made me gain 50 pounds. It seems like I have really been having a tough time keeping the weight off. I do not do any fad diets or anything. I have a really hard time controlling myself at night. The late eating is probably one of my worst habits. I am not unhealthily overweight, but I do want to get rid of about 15 pounds. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions about curving appetite without taking pills?

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Go for a walk when you feel like eating or cut a plate of salad veg up and have on hand with some salsa and rice of water or cup of tea good too :-)


Actually, the more you try curving appretite the more you will feel the need for eating. The solution is change what you eat at night (or even all the day long, If possible). Buy food with 0% or nearly 0 of fat. There is ton of this kind of food. And I am not talking of vegetables. No, there are bread, cookies, cottage cheese, and even some candies. Do you know rice, for example, does not have any fat? Again, there is a lot of options.

Doing so, with the passing of days you will start to loss weight because with the lack of fat from your food, your own body will gonna start to "eat" the fat from your body. Only because fat is essential to the function of our body. Resulting in weight loss. You don't even need to do exercises. Just cut the fatness from your food.

Do that. It works.


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