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Today woke up not that great but i ignored it took a bath and got up and did some pushups and got some sun and seems to help a to get that blood flowing ...

I like to think im a pretty smart guy/dyslexic...even beat some of the worlds best chess players, after I get over all this im going to start working on solving real problems like cancer..., stuff like this:

today i was thinking about the future...and how the world will look at the current times of medicine as rather the future we will have genetic tailored medicine, not only for what your genetics are prone to but also what you body currently needs...not pop 2 pills if ur a adult and 1 a kid...but exact dosages for you...this will prevent lot of side effects and addictions that exists in the modern world. This will come before nano bots :) I could definitely imagine a Fit bit style letting you know what your body needs and extending your life...this along with telomeric extension and we might be set for very long lives.

current sickness scale 2.5

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