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Constantly aware of heart pounding?

So I posted this as a response to someone else's post, but I figured it would be postable for myself too.

I have had this for a few months now. I am normally pretty active. I like working out, I love cleaning, etc. Over the past few months though, I've been very aware of my heart beat. I feel like it's beating so hard that I can feel it in my sinuses, my neck, teeth, etc., and any working out or physical activity aggravates it. I went up a cpl flights of stairs at work today, and was in a rush, and I couldn't catch my breath for like 10 minutes! I'm not overweight, I don't smoke, I drink occasionally. I've been to the ENT, Orthodontist, two different Cardiologist, and a Neurologist, and everything always comes back normal. I feel like I always have this "hot" feeling in my head, that is occasionally accompanied with dizziness and also leaves me slightly nauseous. Now when I work out, I just feel crappy. I can feel every movement in my sinus cavities (that are apparently fine), and then a few hours later, I feel a headache creeping up. I've gotten chronic tension headaches and menstrual migraines for about 7 years, but these feel different. These are just what I describe as a "yucky" feeling in my head and sinuses. Alcohol aggravates it, and then the heart pounding gets worse. I have two beers and It gets to bad sometimes that I just want to lay down because I feel like I'm going to die. Yet, all heart, head and blood tests I've had (EKG, stress/treadmill test, 2 heart monitors, ultrasound, MRI) always come back fine...near "perfect" in fact. Well, I don't feel fine! So?

I am basically forcing my ENT to administer a CT scan. I'm not convinced there is nothing wrong with my sinuses! I have an upper respiratory infection (ironically), and she said if I'm still feeling crappy in 2 weeks that she'll order it, and do the endoscope of my sinuses also. I've been feeling crappy for a year...Highly doubt in two weeks I will be magically better, but ok. Sigh.

It's driving me insane.

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Hi phishface09,

I read your post with interest as I've had troubled sinuses all my life! When it was at its worse, not coincidentally at the same time as my physical and emotional worse, I tried cranial sacral therapy which helped a lot-relieving the extreme pressure in my sinuses and at the top of my head(sinus pocket or something) it also made me feel less sluggish as my 'body's rhythm' or something like that was sluggish.......I reached a plateau of improvement and stopped, trying a few years later with little success.

A couple of years ago I discovered that milk products aggravated my sinuses. I've gone off all dairy(but take calcium tablets) and I haven't had a sinus infection since! Now with hayfever(summer alergies-here in Aussie land it's summer) a simple flair up goes straight to my sinuses! So I have a prescription strainghth nasal spray that helps clear that........(you've got to try a few many didn't work for me)

Also regarding feeling and hearing your heart beat: I've read an article way back about a rare neurological condition that causes this and is repairable with brain surgery-something to do with the ear bones and vistibular system.you might not be as crazy as you think. :)

Sorry wouldn't have a clue the name or where to find the article but it was American based.

Hope I've helped

Good luck

Positiveandcalm (trying to be)

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