anxiety Related?

hey guys, so my problem at the moment is my eyes, they get tired especially in social situations what I mean by this is my vision goes slightly blurry, I can't focus my eyes over a certain distance, I know eye issues are common with anxiety but I don't have any anxious feelings whatsoever, been to have my eyes checked and I do need glasses with the smallest prescription in so I can't see my eyes being the problem and that it is an underlying problem causing this, I have other problems like bad concentration and a fullness feeling in my left ear (going for a MRI scan to check my sinuses in dec) so hopefully the scan can give me some answers to that.


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  • I have blurry eye most of the time I've ad my eyes checked i have to wear glasses but feel they are not making any diffants I had a ct scan got told that all ok just wish all this worried feeling would go a away

  • same with me that's why I don't wear them anymore, when I go for my MRI I will ask if they're checking my sinuses as well as the blocked feeling I get due to the slight swollenness in the left side of my neck, I know the feeling with the worriedness as when I first had anxiety I couldn't shake that feeling whatsoever but now I never get it, I get all these other symptoms instead which is why i'm questioning it :/

  • I have this exact same thing! My vision is also "glarey". And sensitive to light. And I almost feel like lights flicker. I've been having sinus issues since I had my son 9 months ago and get a fullness in my forehead. I almost wonder if it has something to do with that. Good luck to you! And let us know how everything goes.

  • I experienced blurry vision too. How about dizziness?? I got it everyday im going to neurologist next week to check where my dizziness from.i had ct scan in the brain and my sinuses it comes back normal so i might do MRI..

  • @Kimberly I get sensitive to the Christmas lights in the streets, they look completely blurry to me, I've had anxiety since the age of 18 and it's only been this year I've suffered with this (after an episode of the flu) and with the sinus issue I get a fullness in my left ear like deep down and down the left side of my neck.

    @Greyen I get dizziness quite bad when it hits me about 6 months ago I felt constantly drunk and was severely dizzy for about a month but the doctors just put it down to my anxiety even though I've never had that problem before even when my anxiety was at it's worse.

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