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I've been on 50mg of Zoloft now since around's definitely helped to get my appetite back that I lost during a very stressful time when my anxiety came creeping back into my life. I just don't feel like it's working. I still have panic attacks and pretty much hate going anywhere but home and work. The thought of leaving my house to go to a party or something sends my nerves into a frenzy. Anyone have any thoughts on the Zoloft?

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Just a quick thougth, change meds. Maybe Lorazapam. That is what I take. One mg (1mg). See if that works. Good Luck with the panic attacks, I've had them and still get them from time to time. They just RUIN my life . Eddymo (Eddie G.)


Hi there. I'm currently on Zoloft for anxiety too. I'm hoping to eventually get off it once I do some more work on myself. I started at 25 mg and gradually worked up to 150 mg. My psychiatrist stated that for anxiety you generally need a higher dose but everyone is different. I have been on 150 mg for about three weeks now and feeling very well. So much so that I will be weaning off the clonazapam I take at night.

I hope you find some answers. Everyone story is so different but I wanted to share mine.


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