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Heart worries

Okay, I don't know how this will sound but here goes.. I've always had a fast/rapid heart to the point I could always feel and hear it (noticeable) Over the years i've had chest X-rays, worn the 48hr holder monitor and it's all come back fine.. Lately with my anxiety back in full force (read my post on 'Alway's dying'), I find my heart is the OPPOSITE. My chest area feels so weak and numb and I keep fearing my heart going to stop on me.I'm seriously worried, does anyone out there feel this?

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you are completely normal, trust me. everyone is scared of dyeing, your heart will not just stop! your imagination is running away. listen to music, go see a friend, leave the radio on at night when you go to sleep. a heart rate going fast after seeing a cardiologist who says your ok, do not worry, try to think positively, you really are very normal.


Have rapid heart rate all my 60 yrs, still alive, have had e.c.g. All came back normal. I try to keep occupied , I find it helps relieve the anxiety


Yes! I have had this for a few months now. I am normally pretty active. I like working out, I love cleaning, etc. Over the past few months though, I've been very aware of my heart beat. I feel like it's beating so hard that I can feel it in my sinuses, my neck, teeth, etc., and any working out or physical I've been to the ENT, Orthodontist, two different Cardiologist, and a Neurologist, and everything always comes back normal. I feel like I always have this "hot" feeling in my head, that is occasionally accompanied with dizziness and also leaves me slightly nauseous. Now when I work out, I just feel crappy. I can feel every movement in my sinus cavities (that are apparently fine), and then a few hours later, I feel a headache creeping up. I've gotten chronic tension headaches and menstrual migraines for about 7 years, but these feel different. These are just what I describe as a "yucky" feeling in my head and sinuses. Alcohol aggravates it, and then the heart pounding gets worse. It gets to bad sometimes that I just want to lay down because I feel like I'm going to die. Yet, all heart, head and blood tests I've had (EKG, stress/treadmill test, 2 heart monitors, ultrasound, MRI) always come back fine...near "perfect" in fact. Well, I don't feel fine! So?

I am basically forcing my ENT to administer a CT scan. I'm not convinced there is nothing wrong with my sinuses! I have an upper respiratory infection (ironically), and she said if I'm still feeling crappy in 2 weeks that she'll order it, and do the endoscope of my sinuses also. I've been feeling crappy for a year...Highly doubt in two weeks I will be magically better, but ok. Sigh.

That all being said, the heart pounding is a huge part of all of that. I also get winded going up a flight of a stairs, it's ridiculous.


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