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Leg lump

Hello guys I'm 16 and have mental anxiety I have been diagnosed and I hate it but i was just wondering I have a lump on my leg I think I can feel it but I'm for sure I can't see one it's probably just my anxiety because I get really concerned when I find a lump but I can not see one and it doesn't feel big it doesn't feel like a lump it's weird it is not red or anything just checking

Please reply quick thanks

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Hey hun,

As anxiety sufferers we over think everything. It simply could be an ingrown hair, an ant bite or anything. I know myself when I "think" something is wrong, I'll make myself believe it's there, then the next day I move onto something else and don't forget about the thing I was worrying about the day before. If you're worried ask your mum or dad, but I dare say you are just making the lump worse out as to what it really is, which us anxiety people are very good at doing! Hope you're ok x


Thanks really helped me

Out my anxiety seemed to be getting better and I got both mum and dad to feel it and they said (THERES NOTHING THERE!!!!) so it's my anxiety and like u said we move onto to other things each day,

Thanks anyway


Glad to hear you are feeling better :) x


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