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I have been where you are

My Dr. has prescribed max doses of Xanax, Valium, Colonapin and even liquid morphine. Nothing worked for me until I started learning martial sciences and how to control the body. Yoga and a centering technique are a way to focus the mind and body without drugs. Until you try it I am probably speaking French to you. The best short term is Accupressure massasge in your area if you can find it. It hurts like hell for about a hour but when you come out it feels like a newborn child. I hope this small piece of advise helps you.


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It continues to amaze me how some medical and mental health professionals over prescribe medications when we know that mindfulness alternative treatments are far more effective. These drugs along with alcohol can make anxiety conditions a nightmare. I feel so much better these days without heavy out of control doses of prescription opiates along with alcohol. My focus is a love for writing, excercise, and making a difference for others...Healing is still a work in progress but manageable with awareness.

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Ho wes, were would I even start to look for this you have suggested and please tell me more, I most certainly would like to give it a go, just unsure how to go about it ??? And what does it cost ??? Would be really grateful for Any advice ??




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