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Anxiety getting worse

Hi all,

I've only started having anxiety attacks quite recently. We've had a fire in the house about 2 years ago. I had a few difficult weeks afterwards of course, scared it would happen again. (A group of kids lit mattresses on fire in the basement car park and it went up through the apartment building) I was scared the kids would cause more trouble. My husband, who usually works from home, went on a business trip a few months later and I was fine. A few months after that he went on a business trip again but we got 2 cats in the mean time. Suddenly my anxiety showed very badly because I was scared the cats would burn alive and I would never forgive myself. We moved house a few months ago and I was hoping the anxiety would be less but it got worse instead. My husband is on a business trip at the moment and I notice myself checking things 10 times, like switches, candles I never lit, if the boiler is on, the cooker etc. I'm even scared to go out to the supermarket alone. Which I did many times before. I did force myself to go and I was fine but it still worried me. I think I would be fine if we didn't have pets. I'm just so scared they would be trapped in a fire and I get weird ideas of irrational scenario's and I wouldn't notice until it was too late and I would have to live with that. I feel so silly about thinking these things. Do you guys have any advice? I don't want to go to the doctor yet because I'm not a big fan of medicine.

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