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Enough is enough

Hi, I am in need of treatment options for non military complex ptsd. I have the anxiety, panic attacks, depression and many other things that can go with it.

I was finally diagnosed correctly this year after 8-10 yrs of misdiagnosis and being treated with so many prescriptions that my system doesn't metabolize most prescriptions and otc medications anymore.

I have not had any support, not even family. Family has actually caused more problems and some have threatened me and have tried to carry through with the threats. I know you would say go to the police. Well I am in SD in a city of 17,000 people and my family, asa they say and have proven, they have dirty legal connections.

I do have a wonderful service dog for seizures that I also have. I am not epileptic, but none of the doctors can agree on what they are, except after the complex ptsd diagnosis I started paying closer attention to when yhey occur. I found it is usually during a stressful situation for me. I also only have 1 kidney and 1 adrenal gland and the adrenal glands are what handles the stress and the messages sent to the brain.

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