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Feeling terrible :(

So I have been great for such s long time now, and then I went out on Friday and drank rather a lot of Rose and the next day I couldn't go to work I felt awful and the same today. I feel so depressed and my stomach is in knots and I feel upset with myself because I feel like this is my fault and I'm plagued with guilt. I spent Saturday being sick and today have barely managed to eat. Do you think this is just a hangover from hell combined with a period? I'm praying I feel better tomorrow but scared I won't :( please help xxxx

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Hi Rose, we all have bad days after weeks of good ones, just take it easy for a few days, think of all the good ones that are comming your way, and try not to feel it was your fault, for enjoying yourself once in a blue moon, i have had the mother of all hangovers in the past, but i have learned to cool it down a notch, cheer up , remember [ today is tomorrow that worried you yesterday, so why worry ] xx best wishes.


Thank you so much for your reply Daryl :) Had another awful day today, but I will take it one day at a time! Hope you are well? xx


Hi again Rose, sorry to hear you are having another bad day, are you at work or at home? will be here if you need someone to talk to ,it helps sometimes to talk to a stranger ,ha ha, but not that strange, are you in uk if it is not too cheeky, hope you have a better few days,keep your chin up, xxx


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