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I get stressed about little things and they make me feel really ill and I can't sleep

My mum is a great mum but she doesn't punish me when I do something bad and I suppose I should be happy about that but instead she just acts really disappointed in me. I'm not sure that she knows just how much it effects me when she does this. I start to think about everything I've done and who might be judging me. It causes me to stay awake at night as I can't sleep anymore and I feel sick all the time. Also other things keep me awake- just small things that I might've said wrong or something someone has told me. I end up getting really worked up about it and often want to hurt myself. I feel that I can't talk to anyone about it because there's nothing they can do and well I don't want them to judge me. When I'm at school I always have my headphones in even if I'm not listening to music, just so I can avoid talking to anyone. I just feel so ill and j want it to stop but it won't and I'm so tired. Please does anyone know anything I can do?

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I have the same problem i think .... Help me understand, you remember moments that are embarassing and you grin ? And sometimes you start talking bad about yourself like "oh my god i'm stupid ! Why did i do/say that? "

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Yes. Just like that. i


Take a look... Hope it helps u ... It helped me...


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