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Anxiety is so on & off

Hello all! I was wondering if anyone else experiences their anxiety similar to mine. I have been feeling pretty good(not so anxious) for the past couple of days and then today I wake up and was fine. After about an hour of being up I feel like I am having trouble breathing. By having trouble breathing, I mean that it feels as if I cannot take a deep breath. Should I just work on doing breathing exercises when this happens? My chest is really tight too. I do suffer from costochondritis and i have a feeling that the cold weather isn't helping. Any advice or feedback is greatly appreciated!

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Working on breathing excersizes surely cant hurt if the shallow breathing is due to anxiety. I don't have experience or a clue when it comes to costochondritis but if you are currently in pain then maybe this won't help. Otherwise, id try laying flat on your back on the floor and trying to do something to distract your mind ( like read or TV) to see if it helps

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You need to determine if the costochondritis is the cause is at the root of your problem with breathing. I am sure you know this can be the case. Generally for this condition you need to go to hospital or get access to a doctor in another way. If you have anxiety issues as well then spend a few minutes doing some quiet breathing and see if that helps. There is a very useful free app available from google playstore called PACED BREATHING. It helps you control breathing if you are in a state of anxiety. If you dont feel any better after trying breath control then I would get to a doctor just to make sure there is nothing more serious wrong.


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