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Head pressure when walking around

Hi guys,

I have been on my feet all day working and as soon as I've sat down my head feels so heavy and the pressure is really strong coming down my forehead. I also feel like I need to pop my ears, like my hearing isn't what it normally is. I find with this dizziness and head pressure it is worse when walking around. Now I have rested its all hit me at once more than normal when I can restrict how much I move about? Does this make sense to anyone????

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It makes perfect sense when dealing with anxiety. I get a lot of these feelings and sensations with my GAD it's starting to make daily life and work harder because I feel "strange" or have strange symptoms almost all the time

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I got all sorts of aches and pains, I've had a headache for 5 days at the mo and pressure in my ears also a feeling of a lump in my throat (had that for 7 weeks ) today I've been awake since 3 am with neck, back, shoulder pain I was even doing exercises and pacing at 6 am, I was sweating then shivering feel really weird and dizzy and have a terrible headache in the front of my head and feel weak. I'm supposed to be returning to work tomorrow after 7 weeks off with anxiety, think that might be why I'm feeling like this today.


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