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So just like I said I was fine for three days then I got the flu the day after that I was fine then that night it went down hill I started getting light headed noticing I'm grinting my teeth h idk if that can cause pressure get a wired tingle jello feeling in my head and back ofMy knock and my ear on my right side is or feels so pressure idk if anybody else deals with this but please help I'm freaking out tonight..

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I grit my front teeth and feel pressure across my nose at times. A sensation like I'm about to sneeze. I have problems with my balance, affects my eyes, sometimes, too. Have real tension and tenderness in my neck and shoulders, goes up to base of skull and pulls on my scalp. Tender above ears, too. I think the teeth grinding in jaw creates tension, because these muscles are all linked with neck etc.


Go to your drugstore and buy a mouth guard to wear at night . It is semi-soft and you put in hot water, then put in mouth ( over upper teeth) and bite down . It molds to your bite. Wear it at night for teeth grinding 😘


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