Confused, can anyone give me an idea?

I am only 15 years of age, i usually get light headed and have a second or two of a blackout if i stand up too quickly then my head will go really heavy for another few seconds, i have a tummyache most mornings, almost an identical feeling to butterflies, my hands will sweat and i wont be able to swallow any kind of food, i will be hungry but then the thought of food makes me feel sick. The worst time of day is when i get home and go into bed, the butterflies and the sweats always come really badly. I can go out somedays and feel awake and normal but if i go into certain places e.g. Supermarkets and Shopping Centers i can almost feel like i am in a dream, i dont feel awake, i feel lightheaded and not quite with it, its horrible. I can also lay in bed and then my vision will all shake until i blink quite hard and it stops, im not too sure wether thats because i have been staring at my phone screen for too long. Can anyone please help me with these symptons or have any idea what might be wrong with me?


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5 Replies

  • Hi there, I think this may be caused partially by anxiety and stress. Although its normal to feel lightheaded when standing up to fast and when your vision shakes in bed that is normal as your eyes must be strained. My best advice is to check that your ok with the doctor, have a time at night where all electrics are off as it can cause eye strain and jeep you awake and my last piece of advice is try 20 minutes of yoga a day just so if there is any stress or anxiety that's in you yoga helps feel free from the physical symptoms and makes you feel free from bad thoughts too! But if the physical symptoms get worse I would advise you to contact medical attention

    Hope this helped!

  • Thankyou very much, i will defo try out the yoga! :)

  • Or bless ya not a nice feeling I'm like that all day everyday things don't seem real to me any more like the telephone when I'm watching it etc. Message me for a chat

  • Hi . It seems like anxiety. I have similar issues. Have you tried talking to your primary dr about this? If not , you should get a second opinion .

  • Sweetheart you need to tell your parents and get in to a doc for a checkup . It is probably something minor that only requires a medication to clear up . 😘

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