Fluid feeling in lungs

When I'm laying down and when I take my first few breaths in the morning I get the sensation of heaviness and fluid deep in lungs.. it's hard to explain but feels like a shallow grinding sensation. The Dr has checked and I have no signs of fluid but it feels horrible. It goes away after I breath a couple times but I get scared because I expect it to happen every morning so I wake up with the anxiety. Sigh. I used to have asthma when I was a kid but this has only started since having my baby 4 months ago. The only other breathing issue I have is shortness of breath where I have to yawn to get a full breath...and I have had that problem for 7 years, dr's say I have normal oxygen levels so I don't understand!! Can anyone relate?


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  • You have also gotten symptoms after. Giving birth?

  • Yes so many...i feel like im going crazy

  • I know but we aren't its just all apart of anxiety.

  • I complete understand what you mean when you say it feels like fluid on the lung, I suffer with this daily and I can't find any other way to deal with it but something usually helps ease it...  Take one huge breath ( stretch your lungs) and hold it .  Slowly release till you can't hold it no more after that take long slow breathes through your nose for about a minute . I find this takes the edge off. Hope it helps 

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