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I want my life back

I try to keep telling myself there's nothing wrong because I feel like if there was really something serious then my symptoms would be progressively getting worse or I just wouldn't be here anymore if it was something bad, right? I've been dealing with weird stuff for years. I've especially gotten new and different symptoms since giving birth which was 4 months ago but nothing has increased in severity, in that case I'm sure I'd need to see a Dr. right away. I hope that makes sense. The anxiety and fear is the only thing that gets worse every day and I'm physically exhausted from it. I feel fine in the morning and then when I'm work I get a rush of anxiety and panic inside. it's horrible. I'm probably not going back to my dr. until December, just to be told everything I feel is anxiety. But every time I look up a symptom it points to a bunch of things that can be fatal. My dr always says there's nothing wrong. But why do I feel this way and why cant I just be normal? I want my happy life back where my mind wasn't always on how I feel. Thanks for anyone who reads my posts. Sometimes I just need to vent.

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