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Indescribable feeling

Hello hello everyone, hope y'all doing good, well this is the damn 20th day that am feeling something beyond painful and anxious, it really has broke my life, am feeling lost, blank minded and foggy, dizzy, and lightheaded, i can't interact with people like before and always expecting the worst, i can't concentrate or remember anything, i can't build up a conversation even with my girlfriend, and a strange feeling in my head like am seeing the world from a weird prospective, and have had a phobia that I might have schizophrenia, am having the best times in my life but can't enjoy it, the overwhelming fear is beyond measure people, and shit happens when I feel like I'm out of my body and the obsessive thought of that am going crazy, my heart can't calm down the whole day, and diarrhea fo more than a two months, hot and cold chills,and I check what I hear or see twice to make sure that am not hallucinating, for peace of mind's sake somebody tell me what is my damn problem please... Will this feeling will ever go away?

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Wow, Sorry your going through all this. Have you gone to dr, or anyone. I am going through very similar things. Reach out to me whenever, be well,and good luck

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