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Weird feeling

I haven't been sleeping enough and my sleep schedule is far from being a schedule. I will feel fine for the first hour or two of waking up then I start feeling extremely fatigued and feel weird when I'm out. I was at the store today with my dad and I started feeling really weird. I suddenly felt like my body was extremely weak and like I was being stared at by everyone.. I have a lot of stress going on at home cause of my mom being so negative towards me. I also have generalized anxiety. I feel like it will take a few nightsof good sleep to start feeling myself again. I'm all worried thst I'll have a seizure or something bad will happen. It's crazy how stresss, anxiety and sleep deprivation combined can make one feel.

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Hi Katierichie94, it's binkynoo again I do kepe a sleep diary , & my monthly cycle does effect my sleep feel like an insomniac during that time of month , im low on iron at min that can keep you up through night something with balance of serotonin levels we need so a lot was my anxiety but I was glad got my blood tests done too.iv jist gone to the fridge eaten sone chocolate feel naughty do will go bed trt sleep now h a ha .binkynoo x


crumbs i am having something kinda similar i wake up feel like ive had a good sleep and then suddenly the energy in my body just drops and i feel like crap so i know what youre saying its something to do with anxiety and sometimes i feel weird like im going to pass out or something try and have quiet days i find im having a nap in the afternoon

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Yes . It is exactly like that for me. I've been sleeping better these past couple nights and feel way better. =)


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