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Teeth grinding

I've got a lot of tension in my jaw from grinding my teeth in my sleep. I've been grinding for a few years now, caused me to have all these problems with my ears. My dentist made me a mouth guard to wear when I sleep so I would stop getting migraines. It's really helped a lot, but I'm still grinding when I'm awake though, even just sitting here I can feel my jaw getting tighter and tighter. My GP says it's stress related, my Dad does it too so I've probably inherited it. I was just wondering if anyone has any tips to help with jaw tension?

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I get the same thing. Definetaly continue to wear the night guard at night. It really does help. Probably wouldn't hurt to wear it when you will be home either just so you aren't subconsciously clenching. I find I sometimes have to put a warm heat pad on my face or give myself a little facial massage every once in awhile to help relive tension.


Thanks for your advice tdawgg123,

Last night I forgot to put my mouthguard in before I went to sleep, which always means that I will wake up with an awful migraine and ear aches that don't go away no matter what strength of pain killer I take. However, last night I decided to try the Headspace meditation app- and I was obviously so relaxed that I fell asleep before I could put my mouthguard in. I think I have found my solution! I'm still going to keep wearing my mouthguard to protect my teeth, but now I have something that will prevent the migraines aswell! Thanks again for your advice, the massaging has helped my jaw too!


Same thing here and I work in a dentist office. I have a night guard which I think helps with grinding but I still clench with it in. The biggest thing is it protects your teeth from cracking and wearing down. I have to always be aware as I'm clenching during the day as well. I would say keep using the guard and I agree heat and gentle massage!


Hi Chubbers, thanks for your advice!

You'll see from my reply to tdawgg123 that I have found a great solution to help with my jaw tension. Thanks again for your advice, let me know if I can ever repay the favour!

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