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Don't like it when my aniexty is high.... It's really destroying me and I want the old me back!!!!

Hi there I really need some advice please, my aniexty started 3 years ago... But 3 years I had a very bad year I really worked hard for my hairdressing course but I have learning disabilities and I was bullied then I met a guy and it's was my first relationship and the relationship was very unhealthy and he treated me bad, then my sister lost baby, I feel since all the college course and guy that's what's course my aniexty, then a year after all this my life had change and I met a lovely guy and still with him today, we got married last year and had a baby together best thing ever what's happened me, when my aniexty first started i flet out control and my head was racing i was very anxious and it was vile, they found I was amemic and they but me on tabs for my aniexty and everything been find and I've Been copying aniexty better but out the blue 2 months ago my aniexty got high started having really bad panic attacks my head was racing with weird thoughts unwanted thoughts, and it was horrible the doctor dose tabs up and put me on beata blocker and still not feeling right my heads, can someone help me please has i really don't wanna be like this? Can aniexty make your head think strange things and when you Correct the thought you feel your head won't let you??? It's really horrible 😢😡

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Yes anxiety goes along with those thoughts. I find I have a very difficult time with my thoughts especially when I try to sleep at night. I can't stand it I just want to be normal whatever that is!!! -hugs-

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Thanks a lot it's really driving me crazy, i can't stand it, it's horrible hate it now I have my little girl 😢

Hope your ok


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