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Weird panic attack when trying to fall asleep?

I was trying to fall asleep and I had the scariest/weirdest panic attack ever. It felt like what I imagine a seizure would feel like? I woke up shaking like crazy and totally disoriented. I didn't recognize where I was or what was going on. my tongue also felt weird. So I bolted out of bed and stood up leaning against something but the whole room was spinning, my heart was pounding and nothing felt real. I yelled to my boyfriend for help, thinking I was about to faint, but I never did and the feeling slowly went away. Now I feel nauseous, dizzy, still kind of unreal and my tongue hurts. I'm really scared.

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ow love i have them regular felt like an electric shock in head then shear panick i mean the worst panick, ive had loads of em usually when ive not been sleeping well or have lots of worries on my mind, their called brain zapps, and no matter how many i have iyell out too nearly gave my other half a heart attack bless him. can happen several times just as your drifting off, the panick feeling is your bodys way of dealing with the shock of the zapp, when it happens just lay there and relax yourself breath out the panick and the feeling will pass, i sometimes lay with my head on my hubbys shoulders and he reasures me im ok, they are terrifying just another trick in the book of anxiety im afraid. here if you need anymore advice take care xxx mandy

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